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Eco  quoteEco-Driving: Drive Green, Save Green

Gas prices are on the rise, and climate change and carbon emissions are on the minds of government agencies and citizens alike. Fortunately, there are easy changes that any driver can take to alleviate these issues!

The purpose of the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Eco-Driving Campaign is to educate drivers about easy changes they can make to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on their vehicles – simultaneously saving money and reducing environmental impacts.

Don’t go too low.

Checking tire pressure once a month can save a tank of gas a year.

Don’t drip and drive.
Tightening your fuel cap prevents leakage of up to 30 gallons of gas a year.
Photo Credit: North Carolina DOT

logo About the Campaign

This campaign is based on a partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and their successful Drive Green, Save Green program.

The I-95 Corridor Coalition is rolling out this program in partnership with participating member agencies from throughout the Corridor region. Partner agencies are working together to promote an awareness about eco-driving and the possible environmental and economic benefits. Currently the following agencies are participating:

Note: click on the above hyperlinks to learn more about the respective agency’s eco-driving and other programs.

Delaware DOT  Maryland DOT   NY State DOT  
North Carolina DOT
Pennsylvania DOT  DRPA
Baltimore Metropolitan Council
Port Authority of NY & NJ   massDOT

Information on other transportation agency sustainability initiatives is available on the following AASHTO's websites: Center for Environmental Excellence and Transportation and Climate Change Resource Center.

AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence

    AASHTO's Transportation and Climate Change Resource Center.


Resources for Drivers:

 bullet – The Fuel Economy Guide, hosted by EPA, helps car buyers choose the most efficient vehicle to meet their needs. This website also provides eco-driving tips, and an updated average price per gallon for the U.S.
 bullet Hypermiler Tips – Detailed resource compiled by the State of Massachusetts, including eco-driving tips by location and weather condition.
 bullet Environmental Defense Fund – National campaign to turn off idling engines.
 bullet –  Provides tips, an eco-calculater and an eco-quiz for drivers trying to understand their impacts on carbon emissions and how to reduce those impacts while saving money on gas.

Resources for Transportation Agencies:

The I-95 Corridor Coalition would like to to assist any member agency in the implementation and promotion of the Eco-Driving program in their state. If your agency is interested in becoming a partner in this program, please contact Marygrace Parker. The following downloadable materials are available for your use.

 bullet "Drive Green, Save Green" Poster – Download and print a free poster.
 bullet Drive Green, Save Green Web Template – Download a detailed website resource for building a Drive Green, Save Green campaign web page.