intermodal_home The Coalition’s Member Agencies have designated primary focus areas where coordination among multiple modes and multiple jurisdictions would be highly beneficial in furthering transportation improvements.

A committee was established for each focus area, and this page contains highlights of the Intermodal Movement of Freight and Passengers Committee. News items are shown below, and the menu on the right contains links to additional Intermodal Movement of Freight and Passengers Committee information.

The Coalition focuses its efforts on the long-distance movement of freight and passengers – the travel that stretches through multiple jurisdictions and, likely, across multiple modes. The Intermodal Movement of Freight and Passengers Committee is actively helping states with transportation issues that they cannot address on their own, and when resolved, would ultimately benefit freight and passengers in their states and in neighboring states.

Commercial Vehicle Operations Online Portal on Coalition Website

I-95 Corridor Coalition has developed an online Portal to access information of Motor Carrier – Commercial Vehicle Operating, Credentialing, Registration, Taxation, and Permitting Requirements, Commercial Driver Licensing, Traveler Information, Truck Parking and Weigh Stations, Tolling Information, and Motor Truck Associations for each of the I-95 Coalition Member States from Maine to Florida.

View the CVO Online Portal

New White Paper: Freight Performance Measures

The Coalition, in conjunction with FHWA, recently demonstrated the feasibility of measuring supply chain performance across multistate jurisdictions, identified future data and analytical methodology needs, and outlined a set of general and programmatic recommendations for public sector consideration.  The project examined freight fluidity using three performance measures (travel time, travel time reliability and cost) across five representative supply chains (Retail, Automobile Manufacturing, Food Products, Agriculture, and Electronics).  The study also identified short-term solutions for defining the most critical trade lanes, industries, and commodity flows and longer-term solutions for improved data and multimodal approaches; and, inputs for a guide on how to implement MAP-21/FAST Act.  The resulting white paper and presentations can be found at the following links:

Freight Academy 2017

The next offering of the highly acclaimed Freight Academy will be held April 30-May 5, 2017 in New Brunswick, NJ.  Nominations are now closed for the 2017 program.  More information can be found at the Freight Academy website at For more specific questions, contact Freight Academy program manager, Marygrace Parker at

StrongPorts and Marine Highways White Board Animation Videos

The Maritime Administration is pleased to announce the launch of the new StrongPorts and Marine Highways white board animation videos.  These four videos show the importance of ports to our Nation’s economy, the challenges ports face, how the Maritime Administration can assist stakeholders through the StrongPorts Program and lastly, how we can expand the use of our waterways, rivers, Great Lakes, and Coastlines for movement of freight.

The videos can be found at the following links:

Super Storm Sandy After Action Review Final Report

A core mission of the I-95 Corridor Coalition, since its inception, has been cross-border/multi-jurisdictional response coordination for major traffic incidents. This program activity remains a high priority, and encompasses major transportation system impacts caused by any significant event, including those caused by severe weather.

As part of this program, the Coalition conducted a Super Storm Sandy After Action Review. Read More.