• What is the Coalition?

    The I-95 Corridor Coalition is an alliance of transportation agencies, toll authorities, and related organizations, including public safety, from the State of Maine to the State of Florida, with affiliate members in Canada. The Coalition provides a forum for key decision and policy makers to address transportation management and operations issues of common interest. To learn more about us, click here, and more about our projects, click here.

  • I-95 Live Traffic

    See live traffic, cctv feeds, and accident and events on the I-95 Live Traffic page. This new page allows you to view traffic congestion and different types of incidents and events in a number of different states. You can also set up your own custom camera feed lists to monitor areas of interest to you.

  • Real Time Information for the Traveling Public

    Travelers now have a one stop location – on this website – where travel applications can be accessed for the corridor from Maine to Florida. This page provides the links for traveler information on mobile operating systems, public agency Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, and RSS sites – as well as connections for email and text alerts. Visit the Travel Information Apps

  • Commercial Vehicle Operations Online Portal

    The I-95 Corridor Coalition has developed an online portal to access information for motor carriers- Commercial Vehicle Operating, Credentialing, Registration, Taxation, and Permitting Requirements, Commercial Drivers Licensing, Traveler Information, Truck Parking and Weigh Stations, Tolling Information, and Motor Truck Associations for each of the I-95 Coalition Member States from Maine to Florida. View the CVO Online Portal

  • Exploring How to Pay for Roads in the Future - Mileage Based User Fee (MBUF) Study

    To ensure the voices of citizens along the I-95 corridor are a part of the critical national discussion of how to establish a sustainable and equitable transportation funding approach, the I-95 Coalition applied for and received funding through the USDOT “Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives” (STSFA) program for two phases of a multi-year study.
    The purpose of the Coalition’s study is to explore the feasibility of replacing the fuel tax with a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) approach in a multi-state environment through a focused pilot. Through this study, the Coalition is exploring the unique challenges of managing out-of-state mileage and interoperability with toll authorities. The study will also explore some of the value-added benefits available to drivers through MBUF.


  • Coalition Exchanges are Happening Throughout the Corridor

    Spring and Summer 2017 have been very busy with the Coalition’s Highway Operations Groups (HOGs). These exchanges, held in New Jersey (Tri-State HOGs) and Virginia (Potomac HOGs), have brought together a diverse group of attendees ranging from state transportation departments, law enforcement, planning agencies and municipalities. Read More

  • Strategic Planning Session and Traveler Information Services Meeting

    The I-95 Corridor Coalition held its annual Strategic Planning Session along with the Traveler Information Services Meeting on March 6-7 in Philadelphia, PA. Representatives from member agencies in the fields of transportation planning and operations attended the planning session to discuss future events for the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) and Intermodal/Freight programs. During the TIS Summit, participants, both in-person and via web, learned about award winning programs that are advancing travel information for both passenger vehicles and trucks.  Fifteen states attended the two-day meeting. It was a wonderful opportunity for peers to exchange ideas and discuss topics that are priorities in their respective agencies.

  • Coalition Hosted its First Unmanned Aircraft Systems Workshop

    The Coalition hosted its first Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drone) workshop in April 2019.  This event – called “So you’ve got the drone in box on the floor of your office… now what?” – was designed to be a hands-on learning session that demonstrated how member agencies are using drones to support a range of activities.  Presentations were made by state DOTs (Massachusetts and Delaware), and by state law enforcement (Maine and Massachusetts), as well as county officials and the media.  Together they covered emergency response, law enforcement and infrastructure inspection applications.  Participants came from six (6) member agencies, and represented a range of local, county, state and federal government.  One participant shared that “this training was some of the best I have attended.  The speakers were very knowledgeable in the areas they spoke on and the variety was perfectly spread.”  To learn more about the event click here.

    For more information about this or other drone events, please contact Ginna Reeder at vreeder@i95coalition.org.

  • 2019 Operations Academy Scholarships Awarded!

    2017 Operations Academy Graduate says:

    “A safe and efficient transportation system is vital to our national prosperity, and modernizing it to meet our 21st century demands has become our most significant mobility challenge. The Ops Academy has answered this challenge by providing an interactive educational forum where transportation professionals can develop advanced skills, and champion efforts to realize the future. I returned to my agency with a number of new concepts and techniques to bring disparate TSMO efforts together.”

    2017 Academy Graduate from New York State DOT

    To learn more about the Operations Academy, click here.

Focus Areas

Intermodal Movement of Freight and Passengers
Promoting reliable, efficient, and balanced intermodal transportation throughout the Coalition states by supporting leadership, information technology, and operations that improve the intermodal movement of freight and passengers.
Coordinated Incident Management & Safety
Raising the visibility of safety in all Coalition activities, and facilitating, supporting, and enhancing the coordination and implementation of interagency efforts in response to incidents.
Travel Information Services
Supporting the development of a corridor-wide, multimodal traveler information system that provides agencies and travelers with accurate and timely information.

News Flashes

Scenic America Policy and Program Director Job Opening

We are hiring for a new full-time position of Policy and Program Director to manage the organization’s national regulatory, state regulatory and state legislative work, represent us at events related to conservation policy, and run various programs on scenic conservation issues.

Read More

Optimal Traffic Monitoring Report now available!

The Optimal Traffic Monitoring project is intended to raise the awareness of viable traffic data sources that have emerged over the past decade.

Read More

AMPO Seeking to Fill Research Assistant Position

Research assistant, full time position located in Washington, DC. This is a full time entry level position. It is an exciting opportunity to learn about issues related to transportation planning, policy, and programming.

Read More

SAIPRC Seeking Manager of Cost Sharing and Policy

State-Amtrak Intercity Passenger Rail Committee (SAIPRC), a public agency that is funded by Congress, is seeking to hire a Manager of Cost Sharing and Policy.

Read More

Freight Academy – April 2019

The 2019 Freight Academy Program will be held March 31 through April 5, 2019 in New Brunswick, NJ. The Freight Academy is a unique six-day comprehensive immersion program designed for public agency personnel focused on goods movement.

Read More

Truck Parking Workshop and Final Report

By bringing together Coalition members exclusively, the workshop was an opportunity for participants to share experiences honestly and to ask and answer the “hard questions.

Read More

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