Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 Travel Advisory (Ed Stylc, BMC)

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Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 Travel Advisory (Ed Stylc, BMC)

Postby jallen35 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:15 pm

Project: Providing Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 Travel Advisory (Ed Stylc, BMC)

Lead Agency: Baltimore Metropolitan Council

Supporting Agency: Maryland Transportation Authority

PDA Suite Tools Used: Trend Map

Description: The Baltimore Metropolitan Council has used Probe Data Analytic Suite's apps a number of times for developing holiday traveler advisories, by looking at previous holiday travel conditions, with particular focus on major travel corridors in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region, then developing the recommended best times to travel. These recommendations were then posted on BMC's website as an advisory for Marylanders to better plan their holiday travel. They again used the tools to develop traveler advisories for the 2017 holiday long weekend.

Highlights: This year included a much simpler and easier user interface, so travelers could quickly look at the areas they were most interested in. And in addition to recommended travel times, BMC also included construction reminders in their advisories.

For more information, contact: Ed Stylc (BMC) Email:

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