About STIX

The Southern Traffic Incident eXchange (STIX) program was designed, developed, and deployed by the I-95 Corridor Coalition to fill an absent incident management inter-jurisdictional communications need among the Southern States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Given the proximity of state borders and the need for multi-jurisdictional incident response to efficiently and safely handle situations which can arise, the states needed to communicate prompt and accurate information with each other to keep responders and travelers informed.

Continuing operation today, STIX was implemented in 2008 to facilitate incident notification/information sharing, with the hub of the program located in the Atlanta, Georgia TMC. STIX provides a seamless incident management communications program in the region through multi-state coordination of information pertaining to incidents which could have multi-jurisdictional or regional impact on roadways.

  • The Hub of STIX

    Located within the Georgia Department of Transportation in Atlanta, GA.
  • Advanced Notice

    Information is shared among the states to provide travelers advance notice of events impacting transportation facilities.
  • Communications Enabled

    STIX enables incident management communications among North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.