The Coalition is piloting a Truck Parking Availability System, designed to advise over-the-road truck drivers on the real-time availability of truck parking spaces. Because this effort is undertaken by the I-95 Corridor Coalition, rather than an individual state or agency, the system will not be limited by state boundaries or jurisdictional lines.


The I-95 Corridor Coalition launched the pilot of its Truck ‘N Park Demonstration System on November 20, 2015.  An FHWA-funded project, Truck ‘N Park will demonstrate an automated technology to advise over-the-road commercial vehicle drivers on the real-time availability of truck parking spaces at two public rest areas in Virginia and Maryland —  I-95 Ladysmith Rest Area, Northbound, Ladysmith, VA (approximately 30 miles north of Richmond) and the I-95 Welcome Center, Northbound, Laurel, MD (approximately 20 miles south of Baltimore).  There is no charge to utilize Truck ‘N Park, and the system can be accessed by website or phone.


More information can be found at the Truck ‘N Park website at: