Members come to the I-95 Corridor Coalition table because of the importance of the Coalition’s work. The table is held together by the Coalition’s “Four C’s:” consensus, cooperation, coordination, and communication. Coalition membership has broadened over the years, reflecting the depth and application of Coalition projects. Within the Coalition region this had led to an expansion of the number and types of agencies that participate in Coalition projects and activities, including transit agencies and metropolitan planning organizations. Outside of the Coalition region, it has led to expressed interest in participating in Coalition work.

The I-95 Corridor Coalition region of the United States hosts many of the nation’s vital governmental, business, industrial, agricultural, entertainment, and recreational activities. In order for the nation to thrive, the transportation facilities that serve these activities must be managed and operated efficiently. Since many of the trips resulting from these activities, whether transporting freight or people, cross over multiple state and authority jurisdictional boundaries, no single operating entity is responsible for the overall efficiency, safety, comfort, or cost of travel, or its effects on the environment.

The Coalition brings to the table the key decision makers that have or will influence the operation of the Corridor including:

  • State and Local Departments of Transportation,
  • Transportation Authorities,
  • Transit and Rail Agencies,
  • Port Authorities,
  • Motor Vehicle Agencies,
  • State Police and Public Safety
  • US Department of Transportation,
  • Canadian Province Department of Transportation,
  • Intercity Passenger and Freight Transportation Providers, and
  • Transportation Industry Associations

Membership Types

There are four types of membership within the Coalition:

  • Full Membership
  • Affiliate Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Friends of the Coalition

Membership Benefits

  • Greater efficiency through coordination
  • Mutual support and technical assistance
  • Opportunities to learn from each other’s experience
  • Shared research and development and field testing
  • Access to a network of peers

Become a member

Any organization interested in Full, Affiliate, or Associate Membership should submit a request to the Executive Director.  The Coalition will review each request as it is submitted. Any organization or individual interested in becoming a Friend of the I-95 Corridor Coalition should send an e-mail message to the Coalition and they will be added to the database. Further descriptions of Coalition membership can be found in the Procedural Guidelines.

Full Membership

Full Membership entitles an organization to a seat on the Executive Board, along with representation on the Steering Committee, Program Track Committees, and/or any special task forces and to one vote on any matter that is subject to a vote by any of those units.  Full Membership could apply to any organization who owns or operates a major regional system within the Coalition’s 16 states and satisfies the annual membership payment requirement as detailed in the Coalition’s Procedural Guidelines.

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any organization that owns or operates a local transportation system; is otherwise eligible to be a Full or Affiliate member but is outside the geographic boundary of the Coalition; or is a partner agency, such as State Police, other law enforcement organizations, and motor vehicle agencies. Partner agencies typically contribute to the content and implementation of the Coalition’s program, but are not part of a public transportation department or authority. This type of membership entitles the organization to representation on the Program Track Committees, and/or any special task forces.

Associate Members

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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is open to any organization that is a transportation-related association, such as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) or other transportation planning agencies/organizations. This type of membership entitles the organization to representation on the Program Track Committees and/or any special task forces.

Affiliate Members

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Friends of the Coalition

Membership as a Friend of the I-95 Corridor Coalition is open to organizations or individuals not eligible for Full, Affiliate, or Associate Membership. This type of membership entitles the organization to receive Coalition newsletters, general notices, and Requests for Proposals.